I find Medium a great blogging platform, mostly because of its simple UI/UX design. Very neat blogs with optimised screen space, at least on desktops (can’t comment on mobile apps). Every day I open Medium, I tend to read 3–4 articles on various topics. But there is a problem with Medium, as it only allows users (non-members) to read/access 5 premium articles per month. I had to find some way to access them without upgrading my account i.e I didn’t want to pay as I can’t afford it, simply said.

Upgrade form on a premium article


One fine day, I read around 5–6 articles on hot…

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Most of us know Redis as an in-memory database, a key-value store in simple terms, along with functionality of ‘ttl’ — time to live for each key. Redis is commonly used as a Cache database. In this article, I am going to show you how we can leverage Redis for locking mechanism, specifically in distributed system. Let’s get redi(s) then ;)

Distributed locking in brief

In today’s world, it is rare to see applications operating on a single instance or a single machine or don’t have any shared resources among different application environments. [Most of the developers/teams go with the distributed system solution to…

Build your mini-monitoring tool for SpringBoot application

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Gathering relevant information about our application’s performance and health helps in ensuring the system stability. If we get to know the performance metrics of our application, we can take specific measures to enhance the performance or analyse the data for the given metrics and prepare reports. Most enterprises use time-series based databases to store these metrics. In this tutorial we will see how to set up a monitoring system for our SpringBoot application.

In SpringBoot 2.0, we have Actuators to monitor our metrics. Actuator provides us with http endpoints where we can see…

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